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Updated> Agenda

Merry Christmas to all visitors of CameraEye Concertphotos!

Updated> Agenda

17 new Photogalleries:

69 Chambers, Diabulus in Musica, Dylath-Leen, Hellowie?, Leprous, Livingston, MFVF 8,
Omega Lithium, Ram-Zet, Sarah Jezebel Deva, Skeptical Minds, Status Quo,
Tarot, The Agonist, The Man-Eating Tree, Therion, Visions Of Atlantis

3 new Photogalleries:

Adimiron, Annihilator live 2010, Sworn Amongst

3 news bands in Photogalleries:

Asrai, Tristania, UnSun

15 new bands in Photogalleries:

House Of Lords, Quidam, Reviver, Roadkill, Rotting Christ, Rush, Saga, Seven Witches,
Slander, Snowy White, Sodom, SQY, Steel Prophet, Steve Vai, The Wake

Updated> Photogallery Sirenia

17 new bands in Photogalleries:

Impious, King Diamond, Nazareth, Nemesea, Nevermore, O.D. Saxon, Opeth,
Orphanage, Overkill, Panchrysia, Pat Travers, Phantom Blue, Planet X,
Popa Chubby, Porcupine Tree, Pro-Pain, Tarja Turunen

Updated> Photogallery Epica

7 new bands in Photogalleries:

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Fiddler´s Green, Mono Inc.,
Schelmish, Sons Of Seasons, Subway To Sally, Tanzwut

4 new bands in Photogalleries:

Ceremony Of Opposites, Necromorph,
Obituary, Sudden Havoc

New category> Agenda

27 new bands in Photogalleries:

Billy The Kid, Benediction, Bennie Jolink, Circle 2 Circle, Cirrah Niva, Colin Bass
Band, David Gogo, E.D.E.N., FaceHugger, Gilby Clarke, Glenn Hughes,
H Band, Helloise, Herman Brood, JR Band, Krisiun, Laibach, Lefay, Living
Colour, Malochia, Ten Years After, Testament, The Animals,
The Gathering, The Lulabelles, Tyketto, Uli Jon Roth

29 new bands in Photogalleries:

Adam Bomb, Annihilator, Anouk, Big Country, Chainsaw, Children Of Bodom,
Chinchilla, Dave Hole, Death, Deicide, Destruction, Dimmu Borgir, Duran
Duran, Gail Of God, Golden Earring, Hanoi Rocks, In Extremo, Joe
Bonamassa, Julian Sas, Kotipelto, Kreator, Mayhem, Mennen, Messiah´s
Kiss, Mike Tramp, The Kovenant, The Sweet, Thin Lizzy, Uriah Heep

New photos in galleries Biohazard and Leaves´ Eyes

Guestbook works again

Info> the guestbook doesn´t work at the moment -
hope the provider can fix it soon

2 new Photogalleries:

Dejafuse and ReVamp

New in linklists:

New in linklists:

New in linklists:

11 new Photogalleries:

Ad Sluijter (ex-Epica), After Forever, Cristina Scabbia
(Lacuna Coil), Cutting Daisy, Elexorien, Frank
Schiphorst (Human Control Delete), Guilt
Machine, Johan Edlund (Tiamat), Jorn
Lande (Masterplan), No Americana,
Stone Sour

New photos in Photogalleries: Crystal Viper - Doro

17 new bands in Photogalleries:

A New Dawn, Adagio, Autumn, Behemoth, Celtic Frost, Dark
Fortress, Dial, Elister, Ensiferum, Kamelot, KromleK,
Laboratory Sickness, Lana Lane, Marcel Coenen,
Naildown, Rocket Scientists, Thunderbolt

New category: Links
Today> linklists Magazines and Locations.

20 new bands in Photogalleries:

Agua de Annique, Alien Vampires, Aniday, Atheist, Bullet,
Contrast, Cradle Of Filth, Delain, Faith And The Muse,
Garden Of Delight, Gorgoroth, Guapo, Highway Chile,
Holy Moses, London After Midnight, Obscura,
Perzonal War, Valentine, Vengeance,
Within Temptation

Today> 21 new bands in Photogalleries:

Age Of Evil, Airbourne, Alannah Myles, Apocalyptica, Arch
Enemy, Crystal Viper,  Die Sklaven, Domain, Gnostic,
Helstar, Jack Starr´s Burning Starr, Jeff Scott Soto,
Kingdom Come, Kissin´ Dynamite, Lacrimas
Profundere, MSG, Sabaton, The 69 Eyes,
Ulytau, Van Canto, Wizard

Today> 9 new bands in Photogalleries:

Beloved Enemy, Joe Lynn Turner, K.O.B.U.S., Michael
Schenker, Mike Stone, Pamela Moore, StormWarrior,
Ted Nugent, W.A.S.P.

New photos in the Photogalleries:
Krypteria, Gotthard

11 new bands in Photogalleries:

Alchemist, Benedictum, Biohazard, Death Angel,
Forbidden, Helmet, Life Of Agony, Pagan´s Mind,
Rose Tattoo, Slayer, Titanium Black

My homepage is online!
It starts with 47 photogalleries,
a lot more will follow!


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