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Infos about me:
My name is Hans Clijnk, born May 1965, I live in Zaandam/Netherlands. My nickname is CameraEye because of my passion for the photography. Im a freelance photographer, made FotoVakschool and Im full member of the BFN (Beroeps Fotografen Nederland Dutch Professional Photographer Federation). My second passion is Rock-& Metalmusic.

In the last 15 years I was in the photo-pit at many concerts and festivals in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. I saw more than 100 bands live on stage - some of them just once, a lot of them several times - and I made thousands of photos. Here on my homepage I present you a sample of my photowork. A lot more galleries from concerts/festivals 1994–2010 will follow. So please check the updates on this page.

On the startside from my page you can see an example which other photopassion I have> ancient Roman and Greek buildings.

Another hobby> collecting guitar-plecs. At the moment I have roundabout 250 plecs in my collection.

Infos about my homepage:
Its a private homepage. Please notice> nothing on this page is for sale!!! Photogalleries> you can view the photos in a larger size: click on the thumbs, a new window opens. Its the same when you click on a link - it opens too in a new window. Guestbook> comments will be visible after check and release through the guestbook-moderator.

My photos you can find too in the galleries from Sarkophag Rocks, there Im one of the chief editors.

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